Already during my study-time at university in Giessen (Chemistry and Biology)
I worked in different positions in the IT at various companys in the area of Giessen/Marburg and Rhein-Main.
After my studies I worked as Key Accound Manager and Sales Manager. In the range of sales I studied further
in coaching my employees and in economics literature. Especially I have learned by courses of Quickknowledge
and Harvard Business School. Now I am working as a Sales Manager and I am self-employed concurrently as consultant.
Since at the age of 16 I am very interested in Martial Arts. So I am trained in Shotokan-Karate, Toa and finally Kyudo.The spiritual background is very important for me.
Another field of my interest is computergraphic (CG). Since roundabout 5 years I am working as hobbyist with Alias Maya. Nowadays I have some skills in different tools. A few of my renderings can be seen in the gallery.
In my free time I like to cook. My ideal is Jamie Oliver because his recipes are very delicious.
Formerly I workes for various newspapers (Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung, Sonntagmorgen Magazin, BILD)
by text and pictures. Today I photograph digital and analog.

In computergraphics I have basic skills in: Alias Maya, Realflow, Apple Shake, GIMP, Terragen, Blender

Two of my hobbies: playing guitar and roadcycling